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Blackberry has become the number one choice of corporate users and business professionals. This highly functional Smartphone helps users meet their organizational and business requirements very conveniently. It is natural then that Blackberry application development has emerged strongly to cater to user’s diverse mobile technology needs. The BlackBerry Web Development strategy is built to use web standards and famous tools such as Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio.
Here in Variance InfoTech we can create web applications to BlackBerry Smartphone with leveraging our current web development expertise. We are able to make your web apps more compelling with tweaking it to fit the constraints of mobile devices, like screen size and bandwidth.The structure for BlackBerry Smartphone web apps is straightforward.

Basically leverage the wireless connectivity included in the BlackBerry platform and take benefit from common web-based UIs: Application data can leverage a similar wireless connection, compression, encryption and infrastructure as BlackBerry email, so there’s do not need build additional networking functions (Note: this basic BlackBerry advantage are typically leveraged via all of the BlackBerry development approaches) Since web apps are usually standard client/server deployments, there’s not set up to clients and users will be used to websites interface Mobile developing has actually never been so simple. By using advantage of current BlackBerry data connections, you will be up and running very fast. The diagram below will show the structures of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for MDS Applications.

Blackberry Application Development Services Offered by At Variance InfoTech mention below

  • Blackberry Development
  • Blackberry Software Development
  • Blackberry Mobile Development
  • Blackberry Native Application Development
  • Blackberry Web Widget Development
  • Blackberry Social Networking Integration
  • Blackberry Business Application Development
  • Blackberry Enterprise Application Development
  • Blackberry Gps, Google Map Integration


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