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Call Center

Call Centers have become an integral part of all businesses worldwide.
Variance Infotech’s call center services to provide standardized,streamlined,uniform services for consumers making it an effective approach for interacting with their customers.We will provide services of low cost,experience improvement in productivity and quality.
Call handling services that includes customer support,operator services,multilingual customer support, directory assistance,credit services,inbound and outbound telemarketing,card services, interactive voice response,and web-based services.
We provide,live 24/7 * 365 Call Center outsourcing services for campaigns of all types and various industries. We will design a solutions that suits the needs of your company,put it in place,and run it,so that you can focus on your core business targets.

Do You Need More Information ?

For any further information / query about our service or any requirement ,
Please email us at info@varianceinfotech.com OR
Call us on +1-630-861-8263, Alternately you can request for information by filling up Contact Us