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Real Estate Software

Variance Infotech launched it’s Brand New Product “RealtyShine” for Real Estate Professionals and companies.

RealtyShine is built upon our years of experience and earned expertise in CRM and Product Designing. Along with development for Real Estate clients we gained domain knowledge of Realty and the result was a powerful software for Realtors.
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Manufacture CRM


♦  Customization of Organization, Contact and Opportunity.
♦  Creation of Custom Module called “Work out to factory”. This module will used when sales department unable to provide cost of any machine inquiry. So the sales person forward inquiry to factory staff.
♦  Convert Leads to Organization and Workout to factory.
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Advertise CRM


♦  Theme integration as per company’s business layout.
♦  Slot available report with different color coding.
♦  Customer portal module (add new module in customer portal so customer of the company login with separate login details and review their invoice, quote and slot validity).
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Education CRM


♦  Customization of the Email templates where user can attached maximum up to 10 attachments with email.
♦  Customization of the Emails in the Work flow where user can attached maximum up to 10 attachments with email.
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vTiger Plugins

Our wide range of vTiger Plugins will extend functionality, improve efficiency, save time and money.

vTiger Mobile Apps

Variance InfoTech team created vTiger mobile apps so sales rep of the company can access CRM from android mobile device.

Do You Need More Information ?

For any further information / query regarding CRM, please email us at info@varianceinfotech.com
OR call us on +1-630-861-8263, Alternately you can request for information by filling up Contact Us