SharePoint Branding

Our SharePoint team of developers did on giving custom feel and look to various client websites. They have wide experience of using varied techniques for web site branding such as development of Custom Website Definitions, Custom Themes and Custom Website Templates, SharePoint Designer. Branding is a first activity that should be done once SharePoint is installed.

We offer SharePoint customization in the user interface perspective such as the selection of the project template, website topology, security privileges, active directory integration, out of the box SharePoint tools customization, custom list and collections, applying default workflows, integration to current data sources. Project management automation, Order monitoring workflows, customized document libraries using organization particular workflows, deployment of SharePoint to get multiple departments, migration of existing information to SharePoint constitute some of our techniques within the solution space of SharePoint customization.

SharePoint Custom Web part

Our SharePoint group has amazing experience of provided that custom web part solutions made utilizing the Microsoft SharePoint APIs. The group had worked hard having making solutions for WSS 3.0 together with MOSS 2007 environment like as webpart development applying Class Library concept and ultizing Web User Control concept. The group have expertise in creating all these solutions both of those in VB.Net and C#.Net.

Developing web parts, getting data to and from external data sources, integration of current record controlling systems using two way synchronization, custom ASP.Net websites using Sharepoint in the data layer and also admin interface, custom event managing and workflows are some of our programming areas of Sharepoint which we offer our services in. We have experience in working with Sharepoint object models, web part interfaces, Sharepoint queries and custom data loaders to Sharepoint.

SharePoint CMS

Our SharePoint web specialists have worked for both the particular SharePoint Administrative OOTB concepts and SharePoint Designer 2007 to provide rich content management systems and website. The groups have deep understanding using the XSL, XML and XSLT concepts that helps making sites utilizing SharePoint Designer having an ease.

SharePoint Workflow

Workflows with SharePoint Server 2010 give enterprises to decrease the volume of unneeded links among people such as they perform business procedures. Software that simplifies and deals with this “human workflow” enables the automation of connections among teams that engage in the process. This automation results in more speed, overall effectiveness from the interactions, and usually a decrease in errors.

You are able to speed up business processes, like document approval, from associating the workflow using data with SharePoint Server 2010. For example, you may create the workflow to route a document for review, monitor a problem via its different phases of resolution, or guide a contract via an approval process.

SharePoint Excel Services

Microsoft Office Excel is actually effective and not perfect. As an example if you prefer a colleague to survey the information they’ll require a appropriate version of the Excel installed on the computer.