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Tours & Travel

Many companies, big and small, compete against each other and at the same time collaborate in a restricted space.Requiring immediate and proactive adaptability in operations ,Travel & Tourism industry is constantly changing its business environment.With the advent of the Internet’s latest technologies, all these and much more is now possible.
  • Need of latest technologies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Gradually changing customer needs

Variance expert includes developing custom solutions for travel agencies, GDS users, hotels, airlines and transportation companies .We provide our clients the technical edge that is needed to beat the competition and incersing customer.
  • Weather Information system
  • Complete CRM application for travel agencies
  • Travel inventory
  • Loyalty Program Management
  • Cross platform accessibility
  • Complete Accounting package for e-payment and maintaining daily transactions
  • Travel Products like Travel Agent System, Tour Planners, Travel Help Desk System, Flight Information system, Air Traffic Controller System, Online Air, Hotel, Car, Tour, Cruise Booking Engine

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