vTiger Plugins

Our wide range of vTiger Plugins will extend functionality, improve efficiency, save time and money. vTiger Plugins were built to integrate with your CRM without modifying core files, which means your current vTiger functionality will not be compromised. vTiger Plugins integrate with 3rd party software such as Joomla, WordPress, Microsoft Office, Shop Carts, etc… Quick an easy way to synchronize your data between multiple applications as well as capture lead data and insert it into vTiger automatically.


Its our pleasure to introduce our product vCRM mobile. Which is customized from vTiger mobile website.

vTiger Email Tracking

Variance Infotech have implement vTiger email tracking feature for all email send out from vTiger campaign as well as email sent individually from contact or leads.

vTiger Mobile Apps

Variance Infotech team created vTiger mobile apps so sales rep of the company can access CRM from android mobile device. Mobile apps has feature to store data in offline mode as well sync the real-time data.

FullContact API

Integration of Fullcontact API with vTiger adds more feature to the Vtiger system to connect closely with Social Media.