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Company​ ​Background:

Company is in production of customised electronic devices for disabled individuals all over the globe. Company operates in europe.

Project Screenshots:


  • As company was involved in production of customised electronic devices, it required Order management system.
  • Company required total job schedule application answering;
    When to schedule?
    Whom to assign a for specific job?
    Type of a job.
    Order tracking.
  • Company required a tracking system on which they can narrate functions of every individual according to their jobs.
  • Company required a calendar wise schedule of all the respective manufacturing jobs, which calendar is synchronised with Google Calendar.
  • Company wished to employ JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing methodology through Web Development.

The Solution:

  • Web Development through which they can completely manage their Current, Older, New & Pending orders.
  • Variance InfoTech Team provided a company complete Job Tracking system through which an admin can create new job, then they can assign a qualified individual for specific job, then they can track progress of job through order tracking.
  • Variance InfoTech Team provided the company with Google calendar so that they can easily schedule their events/meetings with team or for particular person.
  • According to company’s wish, Variance InfoTech Team provided them Just In Time system through web development through which they can employ JIT methodology.

Why​ ​We​ ​Choose​ ​Angular?

Major reason for using this technology is that the Angular does not execute MVC in the normal sense; it uses something closer to MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel).

MVVM to the Rescue Models talk to ViewModel objects which pay attention for changes to the Models. These can then be delivered and rendered by the Views, which is the HTML that expresses your cryptogram.

Data Binding and Dependency Injection.

It Extends HTML and Makes HTML your Template.

Enterprise-level Testing

These, are the fundamental principles to guide AngularJS to creating an efficient,
performance-driven, ​and ​maintainable ​front-end ​codebase.

Technology Used

  • Angular 4
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Type Script
  • Firebase