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CakePHP is PHP based open source framework compatible with PHP version greater than 4. CakePHP is based on MVC architecture. It is powerful and easy to understand. CakePHP uses software engineering concepts and software design patterns, MVC and Front Controller. You can CakePHP developer to try out the framework on your own web portals and applications for the company.

We have a dedicated team of developers and programmers who are well versed with CakePHP resources to ensure that you would get superior quality solutions for your business. As per the size or nature of the project, we can help you deploy your applications in the most efficient manner.Developers at variance use CakePHP framework and make the customized and user friendly website.

Variance InfoTech – offers CakePHP development services. Our developers use CakePHP solutions with best use of MVC structure use to minimize coding time.

Why Cake PHP ?

  • Developed on OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) concept so all features of OOPS has been covered.
  • PHP version 4 and 5 supportive
  • No Configuration – Set-up the database and let the magic begin
  • Cache management, & Extremely Simple to learn and write
  • MVC Based architecture
  • Data validation feature.
  • Flexible License – Distributed under the MIT License
  • API Integration support.
  • Extensive support from CakePHP blog and forum.

Why CakePHP Service from Variance InfoTech ?


  • Experience in CakePHP, HTML5, XHTML, AJAX, MVC
  • 5+ Year of IT experience specifically in OpenSource Framework
  • 15+ Satisfied client
  • 50% Saving in Development cost
  • 50+ Developers
  • Expertise in Code reusability
  • Following coding guidelines
  • Well organize development methodology and structure

Do You Need More Information ?

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