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Company​ ​Background:

Company is Payment Processing agency for the clients from their customers in United States.

Project Screenshots:

The Problem:

There were multiple systems in use including CRM, Quickbooks for Accounting, non-functional customer portal, manual telecalling and payment processing.

  • CRM was only capturing client information with no reports and integration.
  • Telecalling was manual with call recording. Each call record file was manually uploaded to relate with a customer for future reference.
  • Customer Portal was not developed where their partner-clients can be served.
  • Information related to payment process was manually entered in quickbooks accounting system.
  • Team was not trained to use CRM in optimizely.

Requirements :

Our analyst understood the client’s business processes and helped their team to build the list of requirements that can save their time, integrate all the systems and serve their clients in best possible time.

The requirements list built was including below focus points.

  • Customize CRM that can capture all necessary details and generate necessary reports.
  • Migrate Data from License/Subscription based CRM to low cost Open Source CRM with complete data+software ownership and security.
  • Integrate VOIP based PBX Telephony with CRM
  • Calling customers and partners from CRM
  • Automatic recording of all calls from CRM and save against respective Contact
  • Users can add Notes to each call made
  • Integrate quickbooks with CRM
  • Integrate Customer Portal with CRM

Solution :

Variance InfoTech team implement customized SuiteCRM Open Source version 7.0.1 to address the above requirements.
Variance InfoTech team implement following modules and integration as part of the requirement.

  • We build separate contacts’ module to manage Partners and Customers to manage different set of similar records for better efficiency
  • Customers are mandatory related to a Partner for payment tracking, invoicing and reporting purposes
  • Integration of CRM with FreePBX with feature to call from a Contact in CRM
  • Automatically record each call and relate it with the respective contact with notes
  • Migration of entire database from Licensed CRM to new own CRM
  • Integration between CRM and Quickbooks where an invoice and payment related information is update from CRM to Quickbooks in real time
  • Partner Portal where partners can upload customer details for payment processing
  • We integrated Partner Portal with CRM to capture data uploaded by Partners
  • Processed payment information about customers is pushed from CRM to partner portal so Partners can view the progress from their portal accounts
  • Payment Gateway integration for Payment processing with real time updates in CRM, Quickbooks and Partner Portal
  • Email and SMS integration with automated workflows to notify all stakeholders in each business process as required for quick communication and updates

Technology Used

  • SuiteCRM CE 7.5
  • PHP 5.6

Do You Need More Information ?

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