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CRM for Fork-Lift Supplier

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Fork-Lift Supplier

Company is a provider of forklift services since January 1989. Company is official distributor of biggest Forklift manufacturers. Since the beginning of operation, They sell, lease, rent and provide repair and maintenance services to both new and used forklifts and related logistics vehicles and machineries.


Company needed CRM system to manage leads, opportunities, inventory of stock to manage buy, sell, rent forklifts. Company also wants to manage status of third party forklift being under service.

Manage each forklift, battery and charger with serial number separately

Send quotation

Send quotation and sell forklift along with battery and charger as a bundle.

Track and manage

Track and manage parts and attachments interchanged in between forklifts.

Maintain history

Maintain history of a forklift including maintenance, services, repairs and parts replacements.

Manage inventory

Manage inventory including forklifts available for sell or rent, rented and not available for sell or rent, booked for free trial use and not available, in transit between two warehouses or branches.

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