Client Profile

Company provide lift maintenance service across Singapore. company has 2 sub company and needs CRM to manage their day to day activity.

Project Screenshot

Business Needs

  • Company needs multiple company setup so user can login against any of the company to create quotation, Invoice, Purchase order etc..
  • Each Quotation/Invoice number should have specific format based on company name and code.
  • Quotation/Invoice PDF template to match company’s standard
  • Job order management as company outsource some work as a JobWork.
  • Labor management implementation as company hire labor to do a specific Job.


Variance InfoTech Implement process using vTiger CRM to create following different modules in vTiger.

  • vTiger CRM customization
  • Quote/Invoice customization
  • Creation of module for Job, Labor costing etc…
  • PDF customization for Quote/Invoice
  • Multi company implementation