Client Profile

Client is the electronics supplier in USA. Clients business comes from special orders and not inventory. Client mainly dealing with wholesale electronics spare parts and various range of computer hardware.

Project Screenshots

Business Needs

  • Most of the clients business comes from special orders and not inventory. They may have some small amount of inventory but very little.
  • Company can get the same product from many different vendors and they chose which vendor based on price and availability.
  • Company gets a request for quote. They research price and availability.
  • Once they have the request for quote, the Company calls their vendors for that product and find out cost and availability and then decide on which vendor to purchase the item from.
  • Company can get an order with just a couple of products on it or they can get an order with hundreds of products on it.
  • Company gives the customer price, availability and then customer decides if they will order from Company.
  • The customer sends a purchase order to Company. Once Company receives the purchase order from their customer, they have to create a sales order which matches the customer purchase order.
  • Company orders the products from their various vendors.
  • A purchase orders have to be created to the vendors they are getting the parts from. All the parts on the sales order coming from the same vendor have to be placed on the same purchase order to that vendor. The purchase order is, mailed, e-mailed or faxed to the vendor.
  • Company has to be able to ship the products as they arrive.
  • The products are received, checked in as received, shipping documents created for what has arrived and are shipped out to customer.
  • Company receiving department will have access to the original purchase orders and let the system know the parts have been received and are ready to ship.
  • The system now has to create a packing slip to send to shipping department to ship the parts. One copy of the packing slip goes back to the office so the shipping charges can be entered in the system.
  • An invoice is created and mailed to the customer.
  • Now an invoice has to be created and sent to the Customer for payment. The information must be exported from the CMS to their Peach Tree Accounting system so the information does not have to be input manually.

Implementation :

Variance Infotech Implement process using vTiger CRM to create following different modules in vTiger.
  • Account
  • Contact
  • Vendors
  • Purchase Order
  • Quote
  • Packing Slip
  • E-Marketing
  • Workflow integration
  • Automated email feature

Technologies :

This software is a collective work consisting of the following major Open Source components:
  • vTiger CRM Open source
  • MySQL server
  • Smarty
  • PHP Mailer
  • Php Sysinfo