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Google Calendar Integration services – Use plugin to synchronize CRM/specific  calendar with Google Calendar

Synchronizing entries of Google calendar and that of your CRM/3rd party calendar is an outstanding feature that helps to manage the business.
With this kind of 2-way synchronization in place,  you don’t miss appointments anymore.
Developers at Variance Infotech write custom methods and routines to allow you define an event in any calendar along with

  • notes
  • reminders
  • location ( with Google map attachment )
  • date range selection

etc.  that will get reflected in Google calendar timeline as well.
Also, we implement tight security where user has to authenticate gmail identity before he/she can edit or view calendar.

What we do during integration process?

IT consultants at Variance Infotech will closely work with you to integrate your specific brand’s  calendar with Google calendar.
Our experts help any individual or business in establishing right set of configurations to meet your business needs.

  • Export events from your existing calendar and import them into Google calendar without losing any bit of information
  • Continuously sync data between both to keep updated
  • Customize and add new fields to make calendar more adoptable and usable
  • Create interactive Dashboard in calendar for easy understanding
  • Add functionality to create rich media objects in calendar for purposes like reminders pop-up, different colours according to tasks severity etc

Once integration process is completed, you can carry your versatile CRM calendar wherever you go.
Alike many other calendars, our integration of CRM-to-Google calendar also supports RECURRING EVENTS feature, depicted in following screenshot:

Recurring Events feature_Google Calendar

Note: We keep client data secure and encrypted. Therefore, you can manage all your information and daily schedule in confidential way by exercising rights for who can see what data in calendar.


Following screenshot shows one of screens of a specific brand calendar that has many options/features


Below screenshot shows Google calendar’s event added in that specific brand’s calendar after integration is executed:


Google calendar is also updated vice-versa when new data point is added to that specific brand’s calendar- as shown below


Benefits of integrating Google Calendar services


Tasks Lists

Add and remind yourself for today’s tasks as you pass through the day.


Verbose Calendar View

Drag and drop tasks from one day or day to another and thoroughly view uncluttered view of a single date.


Attach media objects to tasks

Our customization work allows you to add contacts, locations, images etc. into a task to remind yourself about specific event


Easy to operate Dashboard

See history of open tasks with status. Take the follow-up actions based on it rather re-initiating from first step.


Organize Tasks categorywise

Unless calendar can differentiate between important and less urgent tasks, simple notifications cannot keep you on right track. Categorize using color, frequency and pop-up sound.


Find & close completed tasks

Generate weekly or monthly reports that summarizes your activities for fast and easy to absorb view of your performance. Avoid wasting time and efforts on dismissed or already completed tasks.