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MyDentalFiles is a secure way for you to access your dental records, communicate with your dentist, and find a new dentist from the largest database of dental professionals in the world.
MyDentalFiles is a brand of RecordLinc Inc. who is the largest dentist to dentist referral network in the world – www.RecordLinc.com. Your dentist accesses your information through their account on RecordLinc which is the HIPAA compliant site for them to store your patient files, treatment plans, and communicate with other dental professionals as necessary for treatment.


  • Access and store your dental records in the cloud
  • Fill-out your dental forms once and never fill them out again at the dentist’s office
  • Easily communicate with your dentist
  • Reduce the number of x-rays dentists take
  • Find a new dentist and view their profile
  • Access the largest network of dentists in the world
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance (protected health info)