Client Profile

Company is the software product development company with network of Online Dentist professional Network (Linkedin Clone for Dentist) across the USA.

Project Screenshots

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Business Needs

  • Dental professionals across the country share a common set of dreams – deliver the best service possible, grow their practice and minimize time spent performing back office functions.
  • Unfortunately, these dreams turn to frustrations as many spend more time pushing paper and less time practicing the art of dentistry. Experiencing these aggravations first hand, Mr. Burnett, an orthodontist with over 10-years of dental practice experience, recognized the need for a simple, consumer-friendly program allowing dental professionals to spend more time with their patients and less performing duties from behind a desk.
  • From his commitment to improving the field of dentistry, Dr. Burnett required recruited leading software developers to turn needs into a working product.

The Solution

Variance InfoTech proposed the solution to convert dream of Dr.Burnett into reality. The System is developed in ASP.NET with SQL Server as backend.

Project in Mobile devices

We integrated this whole application with below mobile devices, our main purposed is making purely user friendly and easy to understand application for everyone.




Following is the some of the feature of Dentist software

  • Dependability of doctor-to-doctor communication
  • The opportunity to access the browser from any system in their office
  • Time saved in transit, staff time, and mailing costs
  • Compliance with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security standards
  • Ease of use with their practice management software
  • Contact management system for referring dentist and colleagues
  • View messages sent by other users
  • View Electronic Referrals
  • Send Electronic Patient Referrals
  • View patient images sent by users
  • Receive messages from other users
  • View and print images added to the patient file by associate colleagues
  • Add patient images (with offsite backup)
  • Write messages in real time to other users
  • Create and join study groups
  • Communicate, in real time, with study group members
  • Add patients to study groups for collaboration
  • Create patient files
  • Transfer ownership of a patient file to another user
  • Online Patient Form (Patient form standard approved by International Dentist Association)

Technology Used

Front EndLanguages : ASP.NET with C#, Framework 3.5
Feature Used : ASP.NET Graph, sqldump to dynamically create client wise database.

Back End

Database : SQL Server 2005