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Find and Replace extension enables to find a specific word and replace it with a different word from the list view. Run the replace against either one or many records.


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Find and Replace

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Find Any Characters
Find Any Characters
Find any characters from field and replace with other word.
Automatically Assign SLAs
Find Exact Word
Find exact word from field and replace with other word
Supports Multi Languages
Multi Languages
Timekeeping support Multi Languages(Deutsche, English, Española, Française, Magyar, Italiana, Nederlands, Portuguesa, португальский, Українська plz conform languages.)

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Current Find and Replace Version 3.0
Last Update 28th August, 2019
Support SuiteCRM Version 7.0.* and above
Database Support MySQL, MSSQL
Compatible Browser IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
Supported Language English (United States), German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian

1. Find and Replace extension helps users to find specific word or value of particular field and replace it module wise.

2. Find and Replace extension also helps users to find and replace to multiple records in list module listing screen.

1. In Previous version Find and Replace extension was not work with custom fields. From this release, Find and Replace also work with custom fields.

1. Change tablename in Find and Replace extension as follows,

- From findandreplacesetting to vi_findandreplacesetting

"" to "" will work on SuiteCRM versions 7.0.* to 7.10.*

1. Find and Replace support Multi Languages(German,English,Spanish,French,Hungarian,Italian,Dutch,Portuguese,Russian,Ukrainian)

"" to "" will work on SuiteCRM versions 7.0.* to 7.10 *

1. Find and Replace support MSSQL Database.

"" to "" will work on SuiteCRM versions 7.0.* to 7.11 *.

1. Fix issue of "select all" option in List View.

2. Find and Replace Popup not opening properly for SuiteCRM Version 7.0.* to 7.6.*(Theme Suite 7)

3. Fix issue of Case Sensitive Replace

"" to "" will work on SuiteCRM versions 7.0.* to 7.11 *

- Add License Update option in Configuration Page of Find & Replace.

"" to "" will work on SuiteCRM versions 7.0.* to 7.11.*

Find and Replace Extension used to find and replace term or name across one or more record on single click.
Yes. Find and Replace Extension Support Core Modules and Custom Module as well.
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Ever needed to change a term or name across one or more records? It is a painful process that requires going into each record. With Find and Replace you can do easily by single click.

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