Client Profile

Company is the world’s largest logistic company. Company offers complete supply chain solutions using high quality infrastructure, modern facilities and proven I.T. systems to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. This infrastructure has been developed to supports supply chain solutions within the following specific market sectors and services, as well as providing all the general logistics services.

Market Sectors:

Consumer Electronics





Solutions & Services:

Air Freight Forwarding

Contract Logistics

Ocean Freight Forwarding

Current IT Setup

Yusen currently have a number of Websites that have a permanently open connection from the internet with separate logins on each site.


It is hard to manage all of the users across multiple servers and architecture. If someone uses more than one site, they need more than one login to remember. Allowing a connection from the Internet to internal servers is insecure and hard to track access.

The Solution

Variance Infotech developed an application which provides a single sign-on Website and Proxy system so that everyone is pushed through one site with one login. If they can access more than one site, it will be setup via an Admin Page administered by Company’s IT Department.
On logging in, the User will either be presented with a list of sites they can login to, or if it’s only one, log them in.
All sites will not need a separate login as they will automatically be logged in to any sites they can access. Because many of the current sites have password expiry, we will automatically change all passwords under the minimum expiry time so they are never out-of-date.


We have developed a Proxy application in C# using ASP.NET and IIS 7 and proved it works on a smaller “Proof of Concept” project.
We use some standard .NET controls to read a request from a user via the web browser, use SQL Server to find out where that maps to internally, go and request that page (with individually re-writing all of the URI/URL’s to proxy too) then return it to the user.This does add a little time overhead but tests so far show it isn’t noticeable.We will allow the site to be Load balanced, whether that is a basic DNS solution or a more complicated solution provided extra hardware/software is provided.When a user logs in, depending whether that have access to one site or many it will either log them straight in to one or give them a choice.

Technology Used

Front EndLanguages : ASP.NET with C#, Framework 4.0
Feature Used : HTTP Web request, Regular Expression, File System Object

Back End

Database : SQL Server 2008 R2