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Don’t you’ve WhatsApp Business API ?

If you don’t have the WhatsApp Business API, No worries

  • We offer solutions to connect your WhatsApp on mobile with Salesforce to Send/Receive messages.
  • No Setup cost
  • No per message charges it's only monthly flat fees to use WhatsApp Web API and Integration
  • Use your WhatsApp number to send/received messages in Salesforce

How it Works ?


Benefits of using WhatsApp Web Salesforce Integration

  • No per message charges
  • Use your mobile’s WhatsApp number to send/receive messages
  • Monthly flat fees for unlimited WhatsApp messages
  • Scan a maximum 3 WhatsApp numbers per license
  • No Hidden charges

Screen Shots

Key Feature


Multiple Agents

Run Customer Support on WhatsApp between multiple agents



Setup workflow to send a notification to Agents to the customer on any updates of the Record.


Connect multiple WhatsApp numbers

Connect more WhatsApp numbers to send/receive messages from/to Salesforce.


Centralized Communication

overview of all messages against contact in Salesforce.


Salesforce Connection

Closely connected with CRM to integrate WhatsApp messages as comments, Tickets or other important features.


Manage Contacts

Manage all your WhatsApp contacts,filter them and more.


Per Salesforce Org. For Unlimited Users

Monthly | $149/Month

  • Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging
  • Price valid for ONLY one CRM installation
  • Multiple WhatsApp account options.
    ( Use up to Max. 3 WhatsApp #, Additional WhatsApp # $19/ Month)
  • Support Multi-Device WhatsApp Connection

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Salesforce WhatsApp Integration?

    Salesforce WhatsApp Integration is a service that allows you to seamlessly integrate WhatsApp communication into your Salesforce platform, enabling you to communicate with customers via WhatsApp directly from your Salesforce interface.

  • What are the benefits of using Salesforce WhatsApp Integration?

    The benefits of using Salesforce WhatsApp Integration include enhanced customer engagement, streamlined communication, real-time interactions, and the ability to manage customer interactions within your Salesforce CRM.

  • How does the integration process work?

    The integration process involves connecting your Salesforce and WhatsApp accounts, configuring communication settings, and enabling features such as sending automated messages, receiving inquiries, and managing conversations within Salesforce.

  • Is customer data secure during communication?

    Yes, customer data is treated with the utmost security. Salesforce WhatsApp Integration uses encryption protocols to ensure that all communications and data transfers are protected.

  • How do I get started with Salesforce WhatsApp Integration?

    Getting started is easy. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and get a personalised integration plan. Our experts will guide you through the setup process and help you leverage the power of Salesforce WhatsApp Integration for your business.

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