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Intuitive extension easily incorporate with your SuiteCRM to increase productivity.

Increase productivity and improves efficiency.

To help you find the right CRM software, we researched and analyzed from various options.


Providing Easy Access

HRM Dashboard keeps track of counts of necessary data also providing easy access to all modules in HRMS system depending on counts.


Tracks Recruitment Process

Keep track of the recruitment process in the organizations using modules like opening / position, candidates, interviews etc.


Manages Records

Manage records of different business units and their departments in the organizations.


Manage Records of Employees

Manage records of employees using modules like employee, employee family details, employee document, employee children, employee credentials etc.


Save Notes

Save notes using notepad module.


Generate Tickets

Generate Tickets using ticket module.


Manages Login Credentials

Manage login credentials(username and password) using modules like user name setting.


Manages Employee's Activities

Manage employee work, leaves, formal or informal trips using modules like projects, project task, leaves, trips, expenses etc.


Make Announcements

Make announcements to all employees of the department using the announcement module.


HRMS Modules in SuiteCRM covers Conversion of Candidate to employee with all documents & details associated with employee. Conversion of Candidate to employee including auto creation of users. Employee profile management & Family details management. Documents associated with employee.

  • What is the purpose of HRMS?

    HRMS helps HR department in the organization to do all the process on quickly basis like recruitment process, keep track of employee details and their work information, etc.

  • Is it possible to view quick overview of employee Leave Status?

    Yes. Using HRMS Dashboard, User can able to see current day leave count and click on that show the list of employee on leave for that day.

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