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If you're Thinking to Hire React.js experts, Variance offers Hiring of Dedicated developers working under your team and monitoring.

  • Worked 5000+ Hours
  • 10+ React.js Expert
  • Free POC
  • OnTime Delivery
  • Quick Response
  • Dedicated Support

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What makes React.js a preferred software for your next project ?

  • Open Source JavaScript library

  • Component Reusability

  • Flux & Redux Architecture

  • In-built Developer Toolset

  • SEO-friendly Web or Mobile App

  • React.js uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model)

  • Faster Rendering due to Virtual DOM

  • Stable code structure owing to Data Binding.

  • Flexibility, versatility and simplified Interface

  • Simplifies Dynamic Web App Development

Our Successful Delivery with React.js

Variance Team delivers some projects based on React.js to the customers. We deliver successful projects ontime with Highest customer satisfaction.


Web browser based meeting tool for hosting meetings and for online teaching

  • Public/Private Chat options for interactions
  • Whiteboard with Multi-User support for teaching and presentations
  • Breakout Rooms for grouping users
  • Polling Options for taking opinions of participants
  • Screen Sharing option to present your screen

Dental Database System

World of the Dental database system

  • Get access to the work of Dentists Data
  • Get Dentist with the Location
  • Get dentist with Specialty
  • Customize your Report
  • Export the Dentist

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