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Patient App Features

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    Find a Doctor & View Doctor’s Profile

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    Connect on Chat

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    Call a Doctor

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    Ask To Doctors

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    Learn what other app users want to ask a doctor

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    Read Blogs updated by Doctor

Doctor App Features

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    Add Own Profile

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    Update Information

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    On Patient’s Request, Connect on Chat

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    Connect over a call with Patient

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    Reply on Patient’s Queries

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    Upload Blog

About App

Find A Doctor is an united platform of Doctors and Patients for the medical service. Where patients can discuss their medical queries, get reliable medical solutions before concluding on treatments.

How it works for Patients?

  • Search doctors based on problem areas, reviews and ratings.
  • Get on Chat or Call to ask queries.

How it works for Doctors?

  • Built Your Profile
  • Connect with the patients, Reply to their queries

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