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Robust Cloud Phone System Integrated with Salesforce

Telephony integration allows you to seamlessly make and receive calls directly within your Salesforce platform.


Empower Your Sales Team with Comprehensive Context

For easy conversations, your sales team requires insights, including previous discussions, deal specifics, and more. Telephony integration with Salesforce offers a solution:your sales representatives can now invest less time in information retrieval and more time sealing deals!

  • Seamless Contact Synchronization with Salesforce and Real-time Call Notifications, Enriched with Customer Details
  • Essential details such as names, deal information, deal size, and recent interactions are readily displayed on-screen.
  • Bid farewell to the inconvenience of toggling between tabs just to access caller information.

Optimize Your Team's Efficiency

Through the integration of Telephony with Salesforce, your team gains access to a suite of empowering tools, elevating both productivity and effectiveness. Achieve more in less time as your team's capabilities flourish!

  • Every call placed and received using the telephony is seamlessly recorded as a task within Salesforce.
  • Bid adieu to manual data input—critical information, including call duration, call type, and timestamp, is automatically appended upon task creation.
  • Leverage the click-to-call feature to directly initiate calls without the need for copy-pasting numbers.

Phone integration for the Sales and Service Cloud

Enhanced Phone Integration for Sales Cloud

Integration of a telephony system with Sales Cloud for a calling experience right within your CRM. Every call interaction you manage triggers automatic task logging within your Sales Cloud profile. Moreover, your contacts synchronize seamlessly, and vital lead information—ranging from contact names to deal status—materializes during incoming calls.


Seamless Phone Integration for a Service Cloud

Experience the seamless integration of telephony with Salesforce Service Cloud, enabling you to effortlessly manage incoming and outgoing calls directly from your Service Cloud interface—no tab-switching required!

harness the power to create new cases or append to existing cases directly within your Salesforce interface.

Salesforce Telephony Integration Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is telephony integration important for Salesforce users?

    Telephony integration enhances efficiency by enabling users to handle calls without switching between applications. It provides contextual information during calls, automates call logging, and improves customer engagement.

  • What benefits does telephony integration offer?

    Telephony integration streamlines communication, improves customer service, automates call-related tasks, enhances collaboration, and provides real-time insights for better decision-making.

  • Can telephony integration improve customer interactions?

    Yes, telephony integration empowers agents with caller context, enabling personalized conversations. It also enables agents to access customer history and preferences, leading to more effective interactions.

  • Can telephony integration help automate call-related tasks?

    Yes, telephony integration automates call logging, data entry, and triggers workflows like follow-up tasks, case creation, or lead updates based on call activities.

  • Is telephony integration useful for remote teams?

    Absolutely, telephony integration supports remote work by enabling agents to handle calls from anywhere using Salesforce's unified interface.

  • How do I choose the right telephony solution for my Salesforce integration?

    Consider your business needs, desired features (e.g., call logging, click-to-dial, reporting), scalability, pricing, and compatibility with your existing systems when selecting a telephony solution.

  • What challenges can arise during telephony integration?

    Challenges might include initial setup complexity, data synchronization issues, user training, and ensuring consistent call quality across integrated systems.

  • How can I ensure a successful telephony integration implementation?

    Thoroughly plan your integration strategy, involve IT experts if necessary, provide comprehensive user training, and continuously monitor and optimize the integration for smooth operations.

  • Can telephony integration be customized for specific business processes?

    Yes, telephony integrations can often be customized to align with your unique business workflows, ensuring a tailored solution that meets your requirements.

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