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Data Model Binding


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What makes Angular a preferred software for your next project?

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    Lightweight Codebase

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    Responsible HTML Components

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    REST Friendly

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    Two-way Binding

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    Uses MVC Architecture

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    Easy Integration into existing Libraries

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    Form Validations

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    Inline Templates

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    Dependency Injection and Testing

Our Successful Delivery with Angular

Variance Team delivers some projects based on Angular to the customers. We deliver successful projects ontime with Highest customer satisfaction.

Record Management System

Web browser based meeting tool for hosting meetings and for online teaching

  • Developed a complete Job Tracking system through an admin.
  • Admin can create a new job.
  • They can assign qualified individuals for a specific job.
  • Can track the progress of jobs through order tracking.
  • Provided the company with a calendar so they can easily schedule their events/meetings with the team or for a particular person.

Insurance Report System

Integrated electronic dental insurance verification that takes the work of cleaning and updating insurance off of the dental office

  • Get the patient details with live Insurance details.
  • Verify the Insurance is active?
  • Check the remaining benefit for the Insurance.
  • Can export the entire Insurance benefit.

IoT Based Theft Detection System

Purpose of this system is to find a thief in a shop.

  • Developed a system that retrieves images from a shop camera.
  • Send those images to the server and tell the server via websockets.
  • To perform algorithms so our server performs algorithms on that image.
  • If the algorithm finds the thief, then at that time the server sends an alert notification to the client via websocket. In the shop the kipper monitor screen gives an alarm.

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