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Customer’s Expectation

With several years of customer’s experience in Law practice wants to build Case management system to help solo practitioners, small firms and mid-size and large firms.

Cloud Solutions

Building case management solutions integrated with mobile and back office.

Mobile First

Access every data from finger tips.

Offline Snapshots

Build case management system to be accessible from court house without internet connection.

Document Storage

Secure document storage online and auto sync physical case document in local storage.

Customer Auto Payment

Case management system should have an option to automatic One Time/recurring payment system.

Key Features of Case Management System


Heart of software contain all the features and functions of case management system with features,

Contact / Intake forms management

Case 360 degree view

Customer portal

Billing & Invoice

Integrated Software - Build for Case Management

Apps connected with case management system Integrated with CRM to access cases and documents.

Window application based sync tools to connect Document in physical folder to case management system automatically.

Microsoft word Add-ins to connect Microsoft Word document directly from word to case management system.

Integration with various popular third-party software like QuickBooks, LawPay, Paypal and other softwares.

Implementation Time - Design to Deployment



Initial Discussion

Feb- 2017


Scope & Design Finalization



MVP (Minimum viable product) with A/B Testing

Oct- 2017


Go Live



Launch Apps with Early Adopters

Jan - 2018


Stable Release



Launch Mobile Apps (Additional features)



Addons & Other Features Development

Till Today

Till Today

On Going Maintenance

Trusted Customers

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