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The Process

Client markets their services from website and other classified portal posts. They receive inquiries by call, many times for urgent requests for cases like “Got Locked out of cars with keys inside”. Calls are received by call center agents and the job is assigned to a technician based on customer’s location. Once the job is completed, payment received is shared between the Company and the technician.


  • Assign the job automatically to reduce response time.
  • Get confirmation from Technician about his availability, job accepted and completed.
  • Get automatically calculated revenue sharing based on Day time job and night time job with different revenue sharing ratios.
  • Credit Card, Bank payments charges and other deductions like material used deducted before calculating revenue share.
  • Payment received in Cash by Technicians to adjust at the time of settlement of accounts between company and technician.


  • Job is assigned to Technicians as CRM users but they would like to respond from their mobiles with simplicity.
  • Job sharing will be based on the timings of Technician’s location and in certain cases and conditions it will be based on Job Location timing.
  • Option to supersede all revenue sharing calculations in case Company wants to share revenues with Technician on fix basis.

Our Solutions

  • Using combination of existing modules and new custom built modules we set the flow in the most optimized automated way.
  • When a job is added by a user, vTiger will find Technician based on matching Zip Code and send Text Message with link to accept or decline the job offer.
  • Technician’s acceptance from the link will automatically update the job status and Job can be closed only when payment details are updated.
  • In case customer postpones the job for some other date and time, the current job can be converted into an appointment with automated reminders.
  • Revenue sharing record is built with comprehensive calculations for weekly accounts settlement and reporting purpose where all deductibles, percent sharing with who will receive what is generated dynamically upon payment inputs.

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