Company involve in LED and billboard advertisement across the country. Manage giant billboard and LED screen depends on time management.Company manage reports like screens report, slot report, payment report, trouble tickets etc…

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Company Profile :

SAV-LITE is LED Light and screen Supplier Company. Company has branches in U.S.A and India.Company is capable of supply and commissioning of the world class LED displays within stipulated time frame due to backed by a strong and committed team of professional.Company has wide range of led Products and completely integrated system which facilitates customization and content management as per customer needs backed by excellent service and support.SAV-LITE is a One-Stop solution provider for all LED Video Displays and manages advertisement.

Business Needs :

We specially designed multi level category management in public side, so customer easily finds related items also.
  • Company has two divisions. One division responsible for selling LED Lights and other division responsible to configure and setup the LED screen in collaboration with advertising agency.
  • To manage such a large customer base it’s hard for company to do all stuff using some basic software’s so company wants the software which manages customer accounts, invoice, quotes, sales order and lead management.
  • So company use vTiger as base software and select Variance Infotech to fulfill their customization needs in vTiger.

The Solution :

Variance Infotech proposed the solution to Customize vTiger System as per company’s needs.

Following is the list work done by Team Variance


  • Customization of Organization, Contact and Opportunity
  • Theme integration as per company’s business layout
  • Screen management
  • Slot management
  • Slot available report with different color coding
  • Payment Custom module
  • Customer portal module (add new module in customer portal so customer of the company login with separate login details and review their invoice, quote and slot validity)

Tools and Technology

vTiger version 5.4