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ASP.NET AJAX Development

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ASP.NET AJAX Development

In simple word, AJAX Development is technology to load the data on website or web application without refreshing the page in browser. AJAX reduces flickering of page when user interacts with it to get latest data from server.
AJAX Development is not new trend, it exists from long ago and developer implements it using XML HTTP request. AJAX Development is basically a mix of multiple programming and development technologies. AJAX Development is a cross-platform technique, which can be used on many different operating systems, like, computer architectures, web browsers, and is based on open standards, such as JavaScript and the DOM.
The biggest advantage of AJAX Development is, you save time and bandwidth with it because you are not required to refresh the entire web page, as you do in classic web page. The advanced interactivity of AJAX-empowered interfaces resolves the conventional gap between Web applications and Desktop. AJAX helps your website open at once at a mere click of the mouse, getting rid of the lag time. AJAX is taken as general part of any dynamic web page with advanced user experience, which has benefited from the more sophisticated functionality using easier-to-implement web standards.

Advantages of AJAX Development

Faster and Responsive web pages
Lesser bandwidth required
Rich User experience
Asynchronous data retrieval
Only require portion of page is being refreshed instead of full page
Does not require any installment on client machine as Flash does

Microsoft provides Script Manager and Update Panel to implement AJAX functionality which avoids writing complex java script for developers.Take a look at our work onĀ ASP.NET AJAX.

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