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Augmented Reality

As one of the few mobile app agencies with proven AR development expertise, Variance Infotech helps startups and seasoned businesses create eye-popping AR experiences to delight, engage, and grow their user bases. Our end-to-end augmented reality development services include everything from 3D modeling/animation and computer vision to spatial audio and frontend/backend development.
No matter your business focus, Variance Infotech’ AR expertise can help you go to market quickly with the game-changing augmented reality experience you’ve been dreaming of.
Check out some of our videos showing a few POCs (Proof of Concepts), Demos and Prototypes

AR Home

How about having a complete experience of a home or any property which is still not built! Watch the video to see how one can augment a property on any surface to view different layers of the property, zoom in and zoom out, rotate and see from every angle. Not just that but take a walk around the home like a 3D game experience

AR Menu

Imagine you know what’s on the menu even if it’s not in your own language. Look at a dish you what to order in 3D and know what you are ordering, see the ingredients and nutrition values. Makes it easy for a Frenchman to order Japanese Food in Hong Kong? That’s the idea!

AR Character Experience

Check out how you can put HULK playing around next to you. We can build 3D characters and add animation in them. Want to give some amazing In-Store experience to your Luxury Mall visitors? Checkout our short video and you will get many ideas.

AR World

Imagine if you could put a door in front of you at your home, office or anywhere and walk through it to directly find yourself at the beach! Check our video we captured while showing this “How” at Hong Kong in 2019.

AR Platforms

Variance Infotech will identify which Platform to choose based on the features required for the Application like Image Tracking, SLAM Tracking, Marker Tracking, GPS Tracking, 3D Object Tracking.
Unreal Engine

SDK’s/Frameworks/Tools used For AR App Development

Choose a Framework and Tools based on the Supported Device (Mobile Phone, TV, Gaming Console, AR/VR HeadSet), OS (iOS, Android, Windows).
8th Wall

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