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BirdEye Integration – let your business bliss with reputation that itself gets more customers

Now-a-days, the customer journey begins with search on internet.
58% of executives believe that online reputation management should be addressed, but only 15% actually do anything about it.”
Therefore, your vested interest is in maximizing trust of your brand.
Extended web presence, whether mobile or in its full-fledged version, takes time to get matured.
Tremendous amount of content have to be published on Web 2.0, and it should comprise of different media types like

  • Textual content
  • Imagery
  • Animated effects
  • Videos

Once published, it should be potent enough that is responded by clients or visitors.
It is only then your website or mobile application is navigated by potential buyers.

How you might collect large volume of feedbacks or reviews within short period of time?

For an average business owner with busy schedule, this is not possible.
BirdEye comes at rescue in this kind of situation.
It redefines the way to generate massive customer reviews via SMS and emails hype. Autonomously, requiring no to minimum efforts from your end.

What we do?

Software Engineers at Variance Infotech utilize first source company (BirdEye) provided REST API routines to import features of BirdEye in your business specific applications/system.
By using these API methods, we write customization logic to aid in various reputation management capabilities in your website/CRM.
Some example functionalities which get inherited in your system by this integration work are

  • notification for new feedbacks
  • retrieval of customer check-ins
  • bad review alerts

We deliver full range of services to help you implement BirdEye API from end to end.
We keep no feature ousted of integration services, i.e. our setup synchronizes all data points between BirdEye and third party system.

Why BirdEye?

No matter the industry, customers always hanker after the quality services and discounts before coming to decisive stage.
BirdEye is a reviews management platform that essentially turns your existing customers into marketers by polling positive comments or reviews via tried and tested web techniques.
For most of the times, customers do not care to write or publish any review – good or bad once they have consumed the goods.
BirdEye creates a passage for you that encourages customers to leave a reply on any online platform by providing pre-defined templates and related facilities hosted on their servers.


Get 5-star Google Reviews

Receive 100s of 5-star Google reviews within 12 months. Promote feedbacks collection by sending interactive email and text review requests essentially making your business popular


Automate Organic SEO

BirdEye isn’t just tool solely for building online reputation, it is a full-fledged marketing platform that significantly pushes organic SEO efforts up. It gets you in front of and respond to negative sentiments before they become an ache.


Dashboard to tackle complexity

Because reviews management with BirdEye is much comprehensive system just like sophisticated CRM, pre given dashboard serves as an ideal widget for business owners who don’t have time to cognize interfaces at fast pace.


Improvise products through right

BirdEye has systematic approach to gather priceless feedbacks in no time. It is a wonderful software genre that helps you revolutionize products and offerings by presenting authentic problems addressed by clients, all without incurring bad reviews.


Filter out and Auto-park spam reviews

At times you may find that set of reviews written on your web assets aren’t intentful but violates T&Cs of your business policies. Control and redirect SPAM mails at side place without manual efforts.


Deposit Video reviews via BirdEye mobile app

Today’s multi-faceted search engines shows blended results where videos are clicked higher. Video reviews are critical to acquire and retain as an individual marketing flank. BirdEye enables you to send real-time review requests during when they are watching business video.

BirdEye API is packed with extraordinary Analytics module based on NLP(Natural Language Processing).
It gives you segmented insights like

  • Sources of reviews
  • Performance in specific timeline e.g. responses gathered in specific time period
  • Compare reviews with analogous vendors/competitors
  • Export insights as Excel/PDF for offline view

What we do during BirdEye Integration process?

From analysis to workflow and code writing, programmers at Variance Infotech takes care of everything to attach this excellent review management platform with your business system.

  • We utilize resource-oriented URLs to implement social ticketing
  • BirdEye Reporting API includes powerful features like ratings analysis, filtering by category or region etc., we cohesively affix related data points with your web application
  • Auto publish best reviews to by creating custom rules
  • We tightly integrate methods of Configure API to get you online surveys that asks one question at a time to visitors of different sites
  • Continuously sync updated data between CRM and BirdEye services