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Classic ASP

Classic ASP Development

Static applications cannot suffice in the world of dynamic needs. In such a milieu, Classic ASP.Net provides a unified web development model that includes the services necessary to build a comprehensive web application, which can be customized for every business.
Classic ASP is first server-side script engine to get dynamically-generated websites. At first released for an add-on to IIS, it has been subsequently provided like a free element of Windows Server.
Websites using the .asp file extension utilizes ASP, even though Web sites cover the number of scripting language for security purposes (e.g. still utilizing the more usual .htm or .html file format). Many of the Classic ASP pages are developed in VB Script, but every other Active Scripting engine is usually selected instead. J Script is an other language which is generally available.
We develop customer-centric apps with analytical approach that helps fine-tune the web development process according to the specific requirements. Our basis is periodic training. We stay updated with the latest technology and work towards building innovative solutions for each client.

Technology being used for classic ASP development

Programming Languages
Flash Action Script
Development Environments
Architecture: Microsoft Vision
Project Management
Source Code Control
Operating Systems

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