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Classic ASP To ASP NET Mirgration

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Classic ASP To ASP NET Mirgration

Variance Infotech well trained developers have rich experience in developing large-scale ASP web applications and high-performance web sites.Due to their foundational similarities, migrating ASP to ASP.NET is a natural progression for the extensibility of the existing application. One of the biggest advantages of utilizing the .NET framework for porting ASP to .NET is that both ASP and ASP.NET are based on the same web server. So compatibility issues between the existing system and the .NET system are minimized. Moreover, ASP .NET applications are capable of handling two to three times more number of requests as compared to classic ASP application; thereby making the system more powerful. Due to the increased stability of a .NET application at runtime, migration of classic ASP / VB applications to .NET or ASP.NET is a very attractive choice for our clients. ASP .NET comes with many technologically superior features that reduce the development efforts as well as the lines of code.


New functionality, like XML Web Services and Web Forms
Fully integrated debugging support
Cleaner coding model based on code behind concept
Improved Performance and Scalability
Compiled language support
Improved caching
Simpler configuration and faster deployment
Intelligent Web Controls
Improved Session State Management

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