Client Profile

Company provide solutions in Workplace Health Promotion and Mental Wellness initiative.

Project Screenshot

Business Needs

  • Company has consultant to provide a training to the employee of many corporate companies. so the availability of the consultant and the schedule of training is required to setup.
  • Company send proposal to the customer before initiating the training so company needs to implement proposal approval process
  • Company sell session and package so there is requirement of the manage multiple session in the proposal.
  • Each proposal confirmation needs to attached with the calendar activity and also the integration with Google calendar is required.


Variance InfoTech Implement process using vTiger CRM to create following different modules in vTiger.

  • Customize CRM for activity session
  • Module level customization
  • Proposal customization with the option on selection of the selected activity.
  • Multiple activity selection option with session selection
  • Extensive Reporting module
  • Google sync for single and multiple activity event