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Telecommunications Industry CRM Software Solutions

Communications companies are under intense pressure to keep operating costs such as customer service low, while growing customer share increasing revenues with new service expansions.
To meet these challenges, telecom companies are increasing their investments in CRM strategies and software.

Variance implemented CRM software integrated with BSS(Telecom billing) System.

CRM module will support the Sales and the Ordering process, establishment of the Customer Organization, Lead and opportunity Management, Customer Order management, Customer Contact, Information management and Trouble Ticketing module for Prepaid and Postpaid business for Retail & Enterprise segment

Project Screenshot

The CRM system support multi tenancy feature. The business model is MVNE (network Operator) and MVNO (the franchises). The data of one MVNO should not be accessible to another MVNO though MVNE can see data of all the MVNOs

There is several order Type maintain in the CRM inorder to match the requirement.

  • Provide Service with activation of IDD ServicewithDeposit Postpaid
  • Provide Service with activation of IDD ServicewithNoDeposit Postpaid & Prepaid
  • Provide Service with Data activation Postpaid & Prepaid
  • Provide – Activation of Self Care feature Postpaid
  • Provide VAS Service (Data, RBT, Audio Text, SMS (Vote/Announcement) ) Postpaid & Prepaid
  • Provide Black Berry Services Postpaid & Prepaid
  • Call barring/unbarring of specific Nos in Bulk for an account Postpaid & Prepaid
  • New Device – Phone, Dongle (Pre/Post) Postpaid & Prepaid
  • New Service with MNP Port In Request Postpaid
  • Direct Debit Account Association Postpaid
  • Activation/ Pre-provision of SIM delivered to Dealers/retailers Postpaid & Prepaid
  • Change Plan/package Postpaid & Prepaid
  • Remove Add On Package/Plan Postpaid & Prepaid
  • Payment against Invoice and receipt generation Postpaid
  • Advance Payment and receipt generation Postpaid
  • Deposit and receipt generation Postpaid