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Water equipment manufacturing companies globally are going through an unprecedented period of change.

Water resources and infrastructure challenges throughout the world are adding to the need for superior customer services and operational excellence.
Variance Infotech offers the CRM(Customer Relationship Management) system for businesses that produce Water R.O./ other types of related equipments or machines.

This CRM / RO Management software helps you manage complete customer details and keeps all parameters of customer service on track

It provides 360 degree flexible view of your business.
With all customers and inventory information available at your fingertips, in device-free and location independent way, you can have accurate estimations for
  • Customer Installments
  • Machine wise Stock
  • Customer AMC
  • Employee Commission, etc..

Thus, whether you are simply Domestic RO Water Distributer or a dedicated business unit manufacturing Water Purification equipments, our enterprise-grade CRM addresses all of the major challenges you face day-to-day basis and gives you tight control over every business aspect.

Project Screenshot

Above screenshot depicts Dashboard page of Water RO CRM that tells you about
  • Open Opportunities
  • Upcoming Meetings
  • Leads
  • Existing Clients &
  • shows activity stream which you passed through last week or month.

It is fully web enabled and mobile-responsive.
Quintessentially, SuiteCRM is a world famous customer management system deployed by tens of businesses operating in multiple industries.

While it is free, SuiteCRM by default does NOT provide any facilities or data points that are specific to Water Equipment producer’s or supplier’s business.
And of what use is the generic piece of software which enforces you to
go through array of unconnected, third party softwares to manage remaining part of work?
We, software engineers, at Variance Infotech have packed in SuiteCRM versatile workflow, fields and process aligned screens which enable you to get all your tasks done from a single software.

Listed below are elaborate features of our CRM RO Management Software :

  • Complete Customer Details
  • Customer Search Facility by Name, EMail ID, Mobile no etc
  • State-of-the-art Customer Reports
  • Customer Installment Notifications
  • Add products, categories & services
  • Payment Notifications to customers
  • Bill and Invoices Generation
  • Set the frequency to send Service Notifications for specific client
  • Service Expire Notification
  • Complain Entry
  • Complain Status with severity level
  • Employee Management options
  • Salary and Commission Management of Staff
  • Equipment / Machine wise stock management
  • Encrypted and Secure data
  • Auto Data Backup Facility
  • Fully Customized as per your needs
  • All Reports are Available in desired / portable formats

What benefits you get?

  • Highlight your Unique Product features to prospects
  • Effectively promote marketing activities
  • Collect data with proper Market segmentation
  • Make Discreet Commercial Advertisements
  • Set up responsibilities for service team
  • Capture the market by increasing your network
  • Add context-specific more fields in the CRM
  • Hire Qualified manpower by setting criterias
  • Appoint the Channel partners and collaborate with them
  • Live chat for field sales people
  • Target more customers or convert existing leads in passive state of inquiry

Therefore, money spent to bring in CRM software adds value to your business.