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Variance Infotech offers you a dedicated team model. A dedicated team consists of one or more project leader, business analysts, programmer, testers and designers. No matter on strength of people belong to this stack of experts, their work time is set exclusively for you.

When to Apply

If you have complex project to generate a substantial amount of work over long period of time, we can put together a team with the required skills to work entirely for you. This team works on our development center. It is managed by us.


Our methodology has been evolved based on our development experience of numerous projects. This approach apply offshore and onsite implementations.

6 Steps Methodology

Project Team Creation

Knowledge Transition from onsite to offsite

The goal for this phase is to understand the client requirements

Offshore Process Definition

Perform customization of the methodology for the client specific requirements

Offshore Simulation

Simulate client IT environment at offshore development Center

Offshore Project Execution

Start executing project according to the project plan for the first 6 month period

Review the project deliverables and identify the weak areas of the implementation

Implement the feedback

Do You Need More Information ?

For any further information / query about our service or any requirement ,
Please email us at info@varianceinfotech.com OR
Call us on +1-630-861-8263, Alternately you can request for information by filling up Contact Us