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Dentrix Integration – starting with version G5, it integrates well with apps of other software manufacturers

Connect Dentrix with your application

Variance Infotech has developed a connector which synchronizes data between Dentrix and other web based applications.
Dentrix is a desktop based software and is packed with comprehensive features.
Our connector allows any Dentist’s practice to access all the data regarding their patients, appointments and insurance over the internet and on any device like mobile & tablets
Utilizing XML based web services, we bi-directionally sync data between Dentrix and a third party software which possess web user interfaces.
This helps dentists to see and know patient’s insurance details online that was not possible earlier.
Our Dentrix Connector extracts a wide array of data fields from Dentrix and exports to other software’s database in bug-free way such as

  • Patients History
  • Datewise medications
  • Generate and print custom reports
  • Appointments
  • Insurance Details



Dentrix is one of the most sought after dental practice automation softwares in USA. If you are Dentist or a professional of related industry, you must have used Dentrix to some extent.  Therefore if you are looking for mobility or web enabled system, Dentrix cannot come at rescue to show data in location-independent manner.
If you have multiple clinics at various locations and want to get back-office data of one office from another,  Dentrix’s pre-built features do NOT allow this.
And the need is frequent. If you are out of station and want to check appointments or see new inquires, you have to connect to your desktop over VPC(Virtual Private Cloud) or Amazon RDS.
Unfortunately this may not be cost-effective option for every Dental practice.
Better is to establish some permanent solution that does not incur monthly payments, and yet get you required facilities.
By linking Dentrix with any standard BUI (Browser User Interface) application or by adding such web enabled screens to Dentrix, you can resolve this problem.
New version of Dentrix connector plugin developed by us features real-time synchronization with Dentrix G6’s database.
After integration completed, you will have to enter the patient’s information once only in Dentrix.  It will automatically get exported/updated in other connected application.


Double Data Entry Eliminated


Fully Browser based


Automated data sync


Real Time Updates


Access back-office data from anywhere

It will also make existing patients information stored in Dentrix database available in linked application.
As a result,  a Dentist can spend more time treating patients and increase efficiency to serve more number of customers.