Connector which synchronizes data between Dentrix and other web based applications

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Dentrix Integration

Wide array of data fields from Dentrix and exports to other software’s database.

Integration is packed with comprehensive features

Our Dentrix Connector extracts a wide array of data fields from Dentrix and exports to other software’s database in bug-free way such as,

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Patient History
Patients History

This tool will sync Patient's Health History, Medical Conditions, Allergies, and Medications.

Custom Reports
Custom Reports

This tool will sync specific patient data like patient procedures and various procedure payments. Based on that you can filter it or can create customized reports.

Datewise medications
Datewise medications

Using this tool, you can easily sync the medication history of the patient from dentrix

Patient History
Appointments & Insurance

Keeping track of patient eligibility, dental plan benefits, and insurance claims. Using this tool you can easily sync patient's appointments with your web application.

Connect Dentrix with your Application

By linking Dentrix with any standard BUI (Browser User Interface) application or by adding such web enabled screens to Dentrix, you can resolve this problem.New version of Dentrix connector plugin developed by us features real-time synchronization with Dentrix G6’s database.

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