Dynamics CRM – Field Level Security

Field-level security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM controls access to particular field within an entity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provides field level security out of the box so administrators can simply control visibility and read/write authorizations on particular field according to user roles.

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, there are actually very little (and complex) choices for field-level security. This is the white paper on the “Nuts and Bolts” series from Microsoft. Other un-supported choice consist of disabling /hiding an area dependent upon the security role on the user by developing a web service call to obtain the presently logged-on user’s security role.

Following example shows a new field using the field-level protection property switched on to make modifications for the Access level of a user for the specific field. Firstly, produce the area with “Field-level security” property started up.


Presently, this selection is just designed for the custom characteristics which you add. They may not be designed for the system characteristics. Once you develop a new feature you are allow “Field Level Security” to the attribute.


When the attribute may be defined for Field Security, it is designed for defining the protection levels for several roles. Like the Security roles, now you can develop Field Security Profiles:


The profile listings out all of the characteristics setup for Field Security, you can also edit the authorization to see, Update and develop.

When you try and edit a custom feature of the entity that you don’t have authorization to modify, field protection can be enforced and you may not permitted to change the record, you can get an error.

Field-Level Security You are toggle security on the customized field and then also manage security so as only particular users can see or modify data in this field. This field-level security is applicable each to forms and data views.

Field security can also be specified at the time of sharing a record.