Client Profile

Client is software consulting company based in Germany and their main focus is to provide technology solution to customers in the country.

Business Needs:

Add an additional button to a phone call form as shown in the below figure.

When user click on followup button, the phone call form from where the button was called is set to status completed (if not completed already), closes this form and calls a new phone call form with the following pre-filled data:
pasted image 0
  • Same sender and recipient
  • Type is outgoing (or the same time as it was before, generally people have 99% phone calls of type outgoing)
  • Same subject as the previous call
  • It should also pre-fill the phone number of the previous call

Our Solution in Dynamics 365:

The solution for the above mentioned problem is carried out by customization using javascript

We’ve created javascript to populate the to and from form field from the parent to child form which is restricted in Dynamics 365.
Now on clicking the Followup button a new form will popup which will contain the data from this form as shown below.
New form contains data from parent call activity.
Finally we can see the newly created phonecall followup activity under all phone calls.