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Although APIs of ExactTarget are manifold, we have utter experience to help you import full range of ExactTarget services back in your system.Once integration is completed from our end, you can execute all sorts of activities from within your business system, just like using ExactTarget as an independent system.


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Landing pages
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Why ExactTarget?

  • ExactTarget is blessed with extra ordinary intelligence.
  • Marketing people do not have to write HTML code to frame attractive look & feel emails.
  • With ExactTarget, interactive themes and multimedia elements come pre-installed.
  • No matter the paid software, it is highly used and appreciated all over the world due to ExactTarget’s lucrative outputs for sales support.
  • It is therefore only we are enlisting requests from businesses for integration of ExactTarget with their native system.

What you will get?

  • Automated data exporting and synchronization between both – your ERP/CRM system and ExactTarget.
  • Ability to retrieve data from standard and enterprise versions of ExactTarget.
  • Segmentation of subscribers’ data.
  • Incorporate ExactTarget features in Salesforce or in any other CRM system Collection of behavioral data.
  • Exchange important data points with third party analytics tool like Adobe marketing cloud or Google Analytics.

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What happens next?

  • Our sales manager reaches out to you within a few days after analyzing your business requirements.
  • Meanwhile, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest level of privacy.
  • Our pre-sale manager presents project estimates and an approximate timeline.

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