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D o c t o r A p p This App provides you the best doctor for physical therapy, here patients can chat, call, ask questions, view question-answer by doctors.This app is all about Health and holistic wellness, service. As a service provider, we have been marrying scientific research and traditional therapies. Having served around thousands of customers since its inception.
Here All the feature of this app from Patients side, Patient can check it and patients can chat, call, view doctors profile, reading updated blogs (uploaded by doctors), patients can ask question for his or her diseases, and also check his or her answer by given doctors.
Patients can ask questions and other patients can see the question and answers and also patients can check answer of his or her questions, and patients can check all the answers by given doctors.
Patients can see doctors list and check its profile, From the profile screen patients can directly call or chat with doctors.and Patient and Doctors Can Check Notification for News and Chat.
Doctors can add answer of questions and also check answered and Unanswered question list, doctors can add more answer for the same questions, and also see other doctors answered. and also Patient can check doctor profile and get details of doctor like degree, contact details and patients can call to doctors and chat with doctors.

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