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Flutter Development

With the team of productive Flutter apps developer and programmers, VIPL offers a powerful cross-platform mobile application by using the robust Flutter framework.

What’s Revolutionary about Flutter ?

The Flutter mobile app SDK is a new way to build beautiful native mobile apps that break away from the “cookie cutter” apps that have been so common in the past.

What is Flutter?

In a nutshell, it is a multi-layered system, such that higher layers are easier to use and allow you to express a lot with little code and lower layers give you more control at the expense of having to deal with some complexity.
The fact that Flutter is the only mobile SDK that provides reactive views without requiring a JavaScript bridge should be enough to make Flutter interesting and worth trying, but there is something far more revolutionary about Flutter, and that is how it implements widgets.

Features of Flutter

It’s an open-source software development kit (SDK), developed by Google, to quickly build iOS and Android apps, sharing most of the code. It works in conjunction with the Android and iOS SDKs.

The application is compiled ahead-of-time into native ARM code, not at runtime as in React Native.

Rather than being a wrapper on top of the iOS/Android-specific native UI components, it really draws the UI from scratch on a ‘screen canvas’.

Flutter is extensible with third-party plugins that add new custom-drawn UI components or wrap platform-specific features not already covered by the built-in classes . There are many, but not as many as you might need.

Flutter makes it relatively easy to write platform-specific code by either executing different code after checking Platform.isIOS and Platform.isAndroid (if there’s a difference in the UI widgets you want to instantiate, or logic in your .dart file), or by writing your own native plugins (if you really need to wrap platform-specific functionalities not provided by Flutter already).

Advantages of Flutter

Flutter helps in the easy creation of nice mobile applications. Here’s some of the quick advantage of flutter.
Extremely Fast App Development
Faster Running of Applications
Reduced Efforts of Testing
Access of Native Features
Excellent User Interfaces
Reactive Framework

Why Variance ?

5000+ Hours
Dedicated support
0-6 Hours Response Time
5+ Flutter Experts
Free POC
OnTime Delivery

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