Variance Infotech provides GPS based fleet monitoring and control system for public transportation companies with aim of multi operator solution, scheduling, tracking and centralization of entire fleet, automatic generation, storage and retrieval fleet information, MIS reports for high level decision making.

Variance Infotech offers integrated tools and application to address the real-time and historical requirement of the transit industry.

Transit managing, dispatchers, organizers and vehicles operators are each individually served by its reach feature set.

Specific Features:

  • Real Time System Monitoring
  • Vehicle location tracking and digital maps
  • Schedule adherence monitoring
  • Headway monitoring system
  • Off Route Detection
  • Color Coded operation status for easily visualization
  • List views
  • Ad hoc Query based system
  • Two Way Communication
  • Bidirectional communication between bus driver & control station operator
  • Real time messaging system between bus driver & control station operator
  • Security & Incident Management
  • Covert emergency alarms
  • Off Route Monitoring
  • Incident Management
  • Incident reporting
  • Reports
  • Access Control by user login right
  • On time performances
  • Late performances
  • Arrival/ departure detail reports
  • Early departure reports
  • Missed bus stop reports
  • Ad hoc reports
  • Headway reports
  • Customized reports