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In general, salesforce consultants are the prime resources in an organization as they add value to business by generating revenue and bring value to the clients. Consultants can develop appropriate solutions but before that they also do the impact analysis in order to get the idea about how the change is going to affect the other area of the system. Also, good consultant is one who appreciates the platform and knows how to leverage the different tools offered by salesforce to solve critical business problems.


Tools/ Products

  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Lightning


  • Apex
  • SOQL

SalesForce Developer

  • Apex
  • Lightning
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud

SalesForce Admin

  • User Experience Design
  • Profiles and Permissions
  • Validation Rules
  • Duplicate Management
  • Filed Level Security
  • Formula Field
  • Workflow Implementation
  • Process Builder, flows
  • Analytics
  • Health Check
  • Business Insights
  • Buildering Dashboards
  • Reports and Workflows

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