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Variance Infotech offers a dedicated team of mobile app developers specializing in Android, iOS, React Native, Ionic, and more to meet your project demands related to skilled resources or new technologies expertise. Our team of expert mobile app programmers will bridge the talent gap in your project, ensuring streamlined operations and cost-effective delivery.


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React Native

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How to Hire Mobile Application Developers

To extend your team and fulfill your business demands, quickly and easily hire skilled mobile application developers.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Why Hire App Developers From Variance?


1. Engagement Models

With Variance engagement models, you can onboard experts for emerging technologies and different niches across any stage of the mobile app development process.


2. Direct Point Of Contact

Our Dedicated POC provides domain & technical support during the entire process of planning, implementation and quality to ensure timely delivery.


3. Technical Expertise

We are a hub of in-house app developers, continuously working in a direction of innovation & technology in our quest for excellence.


4. Select Your Own Team

Select your own team based on your requirements and long-term objectives, our developers will work as natural extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

    There is no fixed price for mobile app development as the cost depends on multiple factors. Know the details of the parameters included in the cost to get approximate cost.

  • Can You Work With Us if We Don’t Have a Fully Formed Idea for Our App?

    The developers at Variance Infotech are used to working with companies whose app ideas are at different stages of development. We work with you to convert your ideas into fully functional mobile apps.

  • Will You Sign an NDA for the App You’re Developing?

    Yes, we will sign NDAs while we are developing your mobile app. You can rely on us to keep your development private and out of the prying eyes of competitors.

  • Do I Need to Test My App?

    We have an experienced in-house QA team to test your app before launch. This team works alongside the app developers to test apps at various stages of development.

  • Can an App connect to my existing systems/data store?

    Yes, We can develop apps that can connect to your existing systems or data store with Application Programming Interface (API). APIs built using any platform can be consumed in an App to connect and read/write data from your datastore.

  • Should I have a visual (wireframe) ready for my App?

    Yes, based on your requirement & business flow, our web designers will prepare a wireframe with the help of mock-up tools.

  • Who will own the intellectual property rights to my App?

    As it’s your idea, concept, and your business you own the rights of the App, our team will provide consultation and help you in building the App for your customers.

Customer's Words

Customers - Our growth engine, we always love to hear from them

Great App! The best option available for Vtiger open source out there. There are some minor issues/bugs, but so far the CRM Tiger team has been addressing them promptly. I'm sure the app will keep getting better. Thanks!

Ruben Estrada

Perfect Mobile Application for VTiger CRM!! Not only Mobile Apps, but there is also additional extensions which makes the user feel comfortable to use this Apps. Thanks to the developer and awaiting thenext update and bug fix.

Nugroho Ridhwan

This App for vTiger is far better than anything else out there, both for Android and the iOS version. The support given to a few questions was very quick and helpful.

Nick Kitson

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  • Meanwhile, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest level of privacy.
  • Our pre-sale manager presents project estimates and an approximate timeline.

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