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Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd. successfully launch HRMS system using Salesforce. The HRMS System for Employees, Keep your Employee Engaged, Connecting, and Productive Work accelerate key HR processes. HRMS system that make HR leaders and employees more productive. HRMS system for every employee in any role or department. Unlock all our resources to help you engage every employee. The HRMS is your solution for HR.

Business Needs:

The HRMS (Human Resource Management System) The HRMS is your sole Solution HR engine. You will harness the power of your workforce from hire to retire though your powerful self-service portal. Quick and easy to setup and implement, The HRMS will save you time and money. The HRMS will save you time and money whether you are an SME or multinational with complex HR requirements across several legal jurisdictions, The HRMS will be the one solution you need from recruitment and on boarding to post retire record management.

HRMS software providers typically cover every element of an HRIS and many include the capabilities of an HCM. Because the HRMS business is so massive and covers such a wide range of employee size and functional requirements, not all HRMS providers have a progressive Talent Management component included in their offering. Some of the HRMS vendors look like this [HRIS + (Payroll + TLM) = HRMS] while others have built their offering to look more like this [HCM + (Payroll + TLM)].
The hot HR technology industry continues to move at the speed of light with the addition of new cloud vendors and consistent M&A activity. I don’t foresee the vendor and analyst landscape getting to the point of 100% agreement on these definitions, but I do believe that by putting definitions to the acronyms and applying a specific level of expected functionality to each term, provides some clarity to individuals better evaluating HR technology vendors.


  • Quick and easy to integrate with Salesforce CRM and your own internal processes.
  • Fully customisable to meet your internal and local regulatory requirements.
  • Track vacation and medical leave, allows employees to request and submit leave applications online for approval.
  • Track and manage your global organization, employee performance, monthly and annual reviews, training, recruitment and even your Christmas party from 1 application.

  • Organize Organization Data
  • Organize employee information
  • Recruitment
  • Track Job description
  • Leave Management System
  • Asset Information System
  • Event Management System
  • Training System
  • Performance Appraisal Review System
  • Overtime Tracking and so much more.



The dashboard will show all the modules related to hr, employee and projects.

Project Task

Projct Task Detail Page
The project task detail show project, project task name, priority, stage, progress, start date, end date and resposible employee etc.


The reports modules display employee task report, employee performance, total leaves, all projects for ceo etc.


The client modules contains client details like name, email, phone number and city etc.


The employee module contains project, project task name, start date, end date and progress etc.


The candidate module contains candidate name, candidate email and candidate phone number etc.


The leave module contains leave numbers, start date, end date, duration, leave type and assign etc.


The projects module contains project title, to date, from date, estimated time and progress etc.

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