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Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd is one of the leading IT Company which is state-of-the art development center in Ahmedabad for executing large mission and critical assignments.

We have a spacious center and the latest infrastructure with an array of advanced workstations and network systems, online servers and smart communications systems in the best commercial hub of Ahmedabad.

Biometric Access

Finger print access system on all entry and exit point.

Staging Server

We provide staging server/ test server with multiple live IP addresses.

Firewall Security for the Data

Hardware & Software based firewall system for data security.

Multiple Internet Service Providers

We have connection with 3 major ISP of India to avoid one point failure and 24X7 connectivity.


Facility for Video and Audio conference. Managers and Developers can contact at any point of time with the help of latest communicator options like, Skype, MSN, Gtalk or your preferred IM.

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