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Other than Insurance verification our solution includes

Upcoming Appointment Checks

Set desired parameters & eEligibility will automatically check carrier benefits for the upcoming appointments in your scheduling system.

Integrated Data Interchange

Coverage info automatically feeds into the patient scheduler, appointment screen, insurance tab, patient memo & summary report.

Declined Coverage Alerts

eEligibility will create a memo & automatically notify you of any charges that aren’t covered by a patient’s current benefits plan.

The Challenge

Dental plans are complex, have many exclusions,waiting periods, alternate benefits and tricky benefit wording to add to the confusion. Incorrect insurance verifications can affect many unexpectedoutcomes that include high account receivables, low collection, outstanding claims, frustrated patients and myriad of challenges in reimbursement.

The Solution

All challenges can be avoided by having simply verified patient’s benefits prior to their appointment. Our verification app mitigate your worries by ensuring that insurance verification will be done by one simple click. With this information the patient will be greeted with an accurate coverage amount and estimated copayment, which results in a loyal, happier and trusting patient.

Core Features

Plan type & coverage information

The effective
date of Policy

Pre-authorizations & Patient referrals

Treatment &
claims history


Payable benefits

Plan & exclusions

Policy status

Mailing address

Co-pay option



Built on

Angular 7, WebAPI 2.0


SQL server-2017

Frontend Frameworks

Bootstrap4, Angular-Material.


Mandrill, Onederful

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