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How FannieMae API integration helps a business unit operating in Finance industry?


Minimized bankruptcy

Since a software is doing calculations instead human beings, there are no chances of intentional mistakes.


Minimized non-standard input

Throughout all the screens, our application gives suggestions for auto-complete as it is enriched with dictionary and drop-down boxes that contain valid options and names only.


Complete control with access rights

Administrator user if encounters any unethical intentions on part of any officer for passing of debt, he can assign profile of applicant to another official entity.


Portable & Widely adopted

Our coded modules inherit all the business logic from Fannie Mae framework that is endorsed throughout USA. Therefore, application is fully applicable where Fannie Mae is applicable.


Facility to upload legal docs and perform sanity check

Our developed app/module has capabilities to identify and respond to new inquiries came in form of legal docs validation. Also, all documents can be saved in application’s database instead in local computer for portability.


Fetch and retrieve data quickly

With advanced filters, assessor can single out profile of any applicant from thousands just with a little information on hand. This essentially saves time and efforts, so more number of inquiries can be served in a day.

Integrate for Fannie Mae® with CRM Application or your business native system Versatile loan evaluation software for any Bank or Financial Institution for Fannie Mae®

  • Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), commonly known as Fannie Mae® is a government sponsored company in USA that has created a framework with capabilities to scrutinize incoming bank loan deals. It allows to inspect bank loan aspects thoroughly so that risky or bankruptcy aligned loans can be identified before passing loan onto next stage
  • Software developers at Variance Infotech provide set of routines that translate criterias of Fannie Mae® into digital/computerized format.
  • This generated application then checks every incoming loan request against stipulated prerequisites and properly passes or rejects loan request from an applicant – whether business or individual
  • Thus, it eliminates need of human intervention. Also chances of corrupt transactions altogether because now system only can approve or reject a request.
  • Presented below is a screenshot that asks user or banker to provide values for required fields so that system can evaluate complete profile.

What we do during Integration process of Fannie Mae® ?

Variance Infotech will work with you to create custom screens and add data points according to how you want loan process workflow If you are a bank or like NBFC and want to utilize Fannie Mae® framework, we will develop derived web application based on it.

Our experts will help you in properly adjusting all the configurations.

  • Migrate data from your existing application to Fannie Mae® app that we shall create closely working together
  • User interfaces and solution rendered by us continuously synchronizes with servers of Fannie Mae® to avail you range of facilities such as – elimination of re-keying of data – enhanced functionalities in case liked to existing app etc.
  • Add new data points as you discover more
  • Generate and print customized reports
  • Get discreet results based on intelligent system that delivers righteous opinion for allowing or rejecting applicant’s loan demand, as comprehensive number of inputs are taken into consideration to determine final vote The next screen shows one of Admin user restricted interfaces that features many options to select from, like
  • Selecting of criterias from a drop-down list box
  • Set default or fallback options
  • Make particular input mandatory or optional
  • It also allows to create custom data fields that you might want to be present when assessing a loan/mortgage application

Next screenshot exhibits technical representation of checks performed against a loan request of any applicant’s profile. It is an exported file from Fannie Mae® software and is not in human understandable format. All output files embarked by Fannie Mae® API unflinchingly have .fnm extension.


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