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Mailchimp (Mandrill) Integration – Convert form leads to email lists

Mailchimp is a widely known email marketing service. And probably you are aware of it, and using it, that you are landed on this page.
[Fast Facts: “Globally, there are users in 200 countries who uses Mailchimp services.”
“Number of emails sent through Mailchimp monthly: 15 billion emails”]

What is Mailchimp API ?

Mailchimp API allows developers to access the facilities/features of Mailchimp directly from a 3rd party system or web application.
An API establishes software-to-software communication, essentially not a user facing  front.
With API integration in place, two softwares can transfer data points between them without human intervention required.

What we do for you?

Software Developers at Variance Infotech provide services to connect the MailChimp email platform with your

  • Website
  • ERP/CRM or
  • specific system native to a single business,

using its API.
We help organizations refine their communications with customers, raise list of leads and increase subscribers by means of MailChimp contacts imported into their business app itself.
Seamless data exchange with Mailchimp avails you new capabilities, like:

  • Send tremendous number of emails by using Mailchimp routers
  • Track and collect vital statistics back in your system
  • Know number of sent mails and failure deliveries
  • Monitor opens, clicks, unsubscribes and bounces

Based on these elaborate information that was not possible to discover previously, you get detailed insights into market situation, demand of your products and mindset of target audience.
Our elite coding skills and client centric approach will take your business to the next level.
Benefits available out of integrating Mailchimp proves as real ROI(Return on Investment) for your business.


Automatically add subscribers to email lists

Manually typing website subscribers in email application takes time and there remains chances of typos. Eliminate it.


Better hype with segmented campaigns

By having connected all 3 – CRM-Website-Email system, you segment marketing data well. Therefore, you target relevant audience.


Nurture collected leads with CRM tools

MailChimp is much comprehensive than that of your CRM’s internal mail system. Once you have acquired leads through Mailchimp, you can nurture then by using CRM.


Stop switching and start syncing

Do not work on two individual applications. Rather bidirectionally sync data points between both that get updated and reflected in real time.


Analyze Mailchimp reports in CRM

Study of visitor behaviour is an integral part of conversion process. Mailchimp is Email tool, not CRM. Therefore, you by bridging MailChimp with CRM, you can improvise weak sections of site.


Get data in desired format

Often times, need is that data should be in specific format, like CSV / TSV or XML / JSON before it can be usable for next step. While NOT necessarily a function of CRM, it may be generous to provide this feature.

We are proficient in design and code impeccable modules that empower your marketing efforts.We are punctual and prop-up accurate methodology.
We have efficiently deployed Mailchimp integration for businesses operating in diversified industries.

What we do during Mailchimp integration process?

  • Employ consistent and truly RESTful implementation
  • Set up maximum possible automations supported by Mailchimp
  • We write asynchronous calls to MailChimp API as a background job, to minimize user wait
  • Create fewer HTTP requests to improve performance
  • We discreetly register newly generated integration in Mailchimp’s directory, for logging & rectification purposes anytime in future

Why Us?

  • Quickest 9 hours turnaround time
  • Technically competent pros
  • 24×7 jargon free customer care support
  • Adequate assistance after implementation
  • Solid documentation that avoids dependencies